[YTP] Shrek Roasts a Donkey (Shrek Collab Entry)

[YTP] Shrek Roasts a Donkey (Shrek Collab Entry)

*snap* Bye-bye. Look. There’s Bloodnut the fat fuck. He’s gonna build a ten foot wall around the land. Drink my fluids, Donkey! Sooo… That must be Lord Dickwad’s castle. Do you think maybe he’s compensating for something? *Shrek laughs* Maybe he’s got a small penis. *Shrek laughs again* *Crank* Some… -BODY ONCE TOLD ME THE WORLD IS GONNA ROLL ME *Crank* Let’s do that again! No! No! Nonono! *CRACK* Fiona: *Chewing* What is this? Shrek: Donkey. Rotisserie style. *Shank* Oooooohhhhh. *About to die* *dead* The End. Uhhhh… Fiona? Yes Shrek? I… I love you. Really? NO!!

60 thoughts on “[YTP] Shrek Roasts a Donkey (Shrek Collab Entry)”

  1. I like how this entry pretty much turns the movie, or at least the parts of the movie that includes the sexual innuendoes, into real jokes said by the characters.

  2. "Look! Its BloodNut the Fat Fuck. He's gonna build a 10 foot wall around the land" I'll never stop loving you.

  3. "Maybe he has a small penis ha ha ha" absolutely killed me.

    The fact that it's Mike Myers makes it extra special too because it reminds me of Austin Powers when he would laugh at his own jokes and then explain them.

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