Zero-Waste Brewery “Rise & Win” in Kamikatsu

Zero-Waste Brewery “Rise & Win” in Kamikatsu

We have our own bottles here, but you can also bring your own container to fill when you buy our beer. Something that can be properly closed with a cap In that way we aren’t creating any waste from using bottles. Speaking of our building design- isn’t it cool? It’s one of our Zero-waste operations It’s made from disused materials The windows are from an abandoned building it was from abandoned elementary schools and high schools This chandelier was also created out of waste bottles cupboards and wooden furniture were also repurposed into shelves for our shop & bar

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  1. Hello, my name is Dmitriy, I am producer at MIA Rossiya Segodnya, Russian News Agency
    We want to make an editorial video about Kamikatsu Public House, asking for a permission to use some of your video footage. Please let me know if you are ok with this? We will set a proper credit and state any extras if required. Thank you

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