Zoie Burgher Roasted Me? (DISS TRACK)

Zoie Burgher Roasted Me? (DISS TRACK)

Hey guys So the reason why I haven’t dropped a proper exposed video and dish track video in a while is because Someone in the past that I have roasted can’t take a joke and he tried to sue me So I’ve been trying [to] no lay low. You know keep it low-key a little bit, but I’m done holding back man I want to have fun. I want full savage mode tonight So recently guys. I was roasted and it sucks a lot right before I fire back and ruin her career Let me give you guys some backstory so basically every now and then on YouTube one lucky person right just blows up [ramy] Just games a crap ton of [views] a crap ton of subscribers this month the lucky person was Zoe berger if you don’t know who? Zoe berger is I first off. She’s not even a youtuber. She was actually [live-streaming] on this other website She was too sexual so she got banned so youtube was like her second option so she came over here Messed around and somehow she blew up basically she would sit there and play video games which no one give a shit about she also sat there and Talked a lot like she told stories it just keeps talking and talking and talking when no one really gives a shit But every time she loses the game of call of duty She stands up turns around and starts twerking that booty right, and that’s basically how she blew up but hey I make fun of kids she twerks for views you know at least she found something that she was good at right no props to Her I’m happy for her. I have nothing against her, but the other day she decides to roast me She started tweeting at me all this stuff like how she hates me how I suck this and this and [that] like what the heck What is this girl talking about and then she follows up with why not make a vid? Free views or are you afraid of juicing someone who is on the come-up better than you? She’s basically saying resto. Why not roast meat rice girl, please rose to me, please roast me So know all your viewers [can] know about me, and I could get more attention and more publicity, but I’m too smart for that I’m not Gonna fall for the trick So you know I was ignoring everything, but she just keeps swinging at me all this random stuff So I know I’m a blocker, but somehow she uses this to gain attention She tweets out a picture that shows me blocking her and said I really didn’t think a trans girl would be this shook from all this shit talking Now I’m bad, but the thing that doesn’t make sense is like why is she coming at me? Why is she roasting me so hard for no reason right? I didn’t do anything wrong [Paree], I did do something wrong. Let’s hear her side of the story [four] million subscribers at 17 years old 17 like I want to sit there and talk shit to him When in reality he just hurt my feelings at one point, and he made me cry and I want to get back at him I want to make him look [stupid], but honestly I hold on first off I’m not seventeen up [eighteen] second off. When did I ever make you cry. What are you talking? Oh? shit It all makes sense now you guys probably don’t know this because this was like way back ago But me and Zoey used to be friends. This was before she blew up on YouTube. This was like months and months ago I wish I saved the clips of us talking back then but I lost a lot of them I actually have one though this was when her audio wasn’t working so I was typing out Helping her set up her audio to set up her stream to make her stream better Right hmm the audio singing okay. I’m clicking it the volume button Mixer mixer then drag okay, open volume mixer speakers I’m over here helping her I gave her a shout-out. There’s the proof you know I’m a relatively nice person, and then a couple weeks after me helping her she asked me You know can [we] stream together again? Where you know I would stream She would also stream and we know with just talked and this was the way [she] would get a heart of you She wasn’t working she wasn’t showing a lot of cleavage She was just being a regular person right and so we were talking and the main purpose of the live stream says live streams go on for hours [and] hours if you’re Not entertaining people are gonna leave because you know no one’s gonna sit around for hours if the last room is boring, right? So I’ll say you know what zoey you’re kind of boring. I’m getting kind of sleepy So I hung up on her, and that’s that right I didn’t think much of it and recently she blows up on YouTube and still to this day She’s still holding a grudge against me she still hates me as she tweets at me remember when you called me boring to your live stream of [7000] [while] you inspired me to [swish] things up laughing emojI and she sends me a picture of her having 34,000 live viewers way away, so let me get this straight You were a regular girl play video games game like a hundred two hundred views right? I told you you were boring and you took that and use [that] as motivation You stopped wearing regular clothes and started wearing Bikinis. You started talking to sluttier who also a new element [to] your stream? Where you started twerking, so I basically made you the person you are today? So I don’t see what the big deal is like. You’re welcome She was actually live-streaming yesterday, and you guys are gonna laugh at this one everyone wants to talk a big fucking game before They’re famous before. They’re well-known, and then they get [well-known] and they want to fucking forget everyone who helped them on the way there That’s not me. That’s not who I am [and] the minute. I start being like that I’m gonna find myself Not lucky not experiencing any of the success because I’ll forget what the fuck made me in the first place And I’m never gonna be like that ever ever ever never or like never ever or like never ever but enough of the cherish as she did roast me and besides [and] the Fact that I made her career, and she twerks a lot I know nothing about this girl So before I do my diss track time to do some research Hey, Tom, Tui What y’all doing? Oh, mom? No, [it’s] not where looks like you know you’re 19 right. What did I tell you where? Hi time for not again. What did I tell you no, ma this is another misunderstanding? No, that’s nothing back, sir It wasn’t easy But I did my research and I came to the conclusion [that] [Zoe] is the biggest hypocrite ever there’s three motherfucking reasons Why I don’t like me Khalifa one She what rice gum used her to say mia Khalifa comes on screen. So he could pull in some of her porn [um] It’s like like would he call it porn [watchers] into his audience Literally dude literally, low-hanging fruit dude Oh my God, let she’s over here like oh my God he called the porn star to take her porn audience When her whole audience is the porn audience all your viewers are horny guys a couple of weeks ago She started slowing down and not getting as much view so she was like what can I do to get you know pop it again? So she was like you know what let me promise All my young viewers my naked pictures when I get 1 million subscribers But here’s the twist her naked pictures are already on Google like someone already leaked her and let me say I’m not impressed [but] here’s my prediction guys She’s Gonna eventually get 1 million subscribers, but as three she does she’s gonna drop them pictures And we’re all unsubscribing baby and last but not least I’ve been doing a really good job ignoring her so she has no idea that I’m about to roast her, so Surprised thank you. What would you do a fresca roasted you though? You don’t want that He’s not going to do do that because it would give me more subscribers, and he didn’t wanna make me grow any quicker Yo, it’s time I’m a chinese man on a mission to get laid. Showing off my dog to get cheques Orange chicken, Orange chicken why the hell I’m a gay. Used to shower snow now i’m here Male Us 700k And I used to call you everyday I’m the reason you got put on backpage I can’t hold this feeling. Let me end this allahu akbar. wrong. Bro I’m tired of being yellow with a black mans wig. Hey, Stella creasy little Caesars these ain’t working but is looking like a seizure you got one note again height now But they already been leaked you need the [pipe] nail down what the hair underneath your arm for [nah] And why your head built like jar jar out of [ten] our part give you four stars? They only want you for the fat like a porn star horns are say you tony but you looking over 30 Like a pussy got your room hella dirty talk shit. I’m sending shots like I’m [curry] doing you caller Zoe burke I call her howie bird keep talking you don’t kiss this day What you shaking, man, you barely got [kane], okay? I’m 19 stop staying I’m hella young you really think you’ve got talent bitch. You hell of dog hello dog eyebrows for apartments [Frizzle] [Frizzle] Big [Eagle], but not bigger than y’all niggas [Roni] Why draw that shit looking hella strong dough one no get the news that week? Before you guys are like rice gum stop slut shaming her guys She calls herself a slut on top of that she roasted me first It was like begged for me to make a video [on] her So there you have it, but yeah guys that’s gonna wrap it up like the video if you liked the video comment I read every single comment. If you are a new subscriber welcome to the family hope to see you back here soon Thank you for watching once again I’ll see you guys next time and I’m Gonna go Comment on her videos with my own song lyrics colors Zoe burke I call her holly bird. She’s talking you go catch this day There’s this baby what you shaking, man, you barely got

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